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Interest Sections 2016 - 2017

In 1962 UFC introduced special-interest groups, which became very popular as a way to learn more about fellow members.

UFC currently has over 70 active Interest Sections. Most meet monthly. Some are full; others have multiple similar sections. If there is no contact person listed for a group, if you want more information, or if you wish to start a new group, please contact Co-Chairs:

Abbie Morrison, 402-1661, (
Nancy Dowling, 564-4125, (

  • Antiquing

Learn about antiques and collectibles; new topic each month and occasional field trips to antique stores nearby. Contact Rosie Cushing, 756-9510, or Linda Schwartz, 759-9792.

  • Art Galleries

Each month there are new art exhibits in different venues around Yolo County (Davis, Woodland, Winters etc.). We get together once a month to carpool and visit several of these. Contact Maryellen Bauer, 753-2786.

  • Beading 201

Knowledgeable beaders work on their own projects in an atmosphere of fellowship, while sharing new techniques. Contact Mary Fish, 757-7939.

  • BirdersBird Watching

Davis is in a wonderful area for observing wildlife, especially birds. Meetings and times vary. Contact Marnelle Gleason, 753-9331.

  • Book Clubs

Several groups meet during the day or evening to discuss characters, themes, and plots.

  • Coffee and Conversation

Two groups of ladies gather at local coffee shops to visit and enjoy each other’s company over coffee. Contact Diana Gillingham, 669-6887, or Nancy Schrott, 440-382-3227.

  • Coloring for Grown-Ups

Bring your books, markers, and pencils and come have the fun you had as a kid, coloring with your friends! Contact Darleen Coppersmith, 231-5095.

  • Crafty Ladies

This craft group works on various arts and craft projects together. Contact Mary Ann Doerzbacher, 412-559-5161.

  • Dinner

Several groups meet in homes to share dinners prepared by members and enjoy one another’s company. Spouses are welcome.

  • Foreign Language Conversation Groups

Mix of native and intermediate speakers:
German Conversation group meets on the first Monday of the month. Contact Elfriede DeRock, 756-2680.
Spanish Conversation has two groups that meet twice monthly for discussions. Contact Wanda Anaya, 414-0570, or Lin Lindert, 758-6418.
French Conversation group meets on the third Monday. Contact Barbara Kado, 758-7339.

  • Games Groups

Bunco is fun and easy to learn. Contact Yvonne Adcock, 756-4408.
Mah-jongg has several groups that meet weekly to play.
Bridge groups for intermediate players meet weekly. Contact Abbie Morrison, 402-1661.
Games Plus groups meet to play a variety of games.

  • Gardening

Two groups meet to learn more about different aspects of gardening in our area. Occasional field trips or demonstration workshops.
Thursday group, contact Lynn Hatamiya, 916-834-7844.
Friday group, contact Katie Flaherty, 753-5929.

  • Hiking

Group members organize hikes in Davis and nearby areas for day trips. Contact Sue Sheya, 746-8783.

  • Sunset BubblesLunch-IN Groups

Luncheons prepared by members in rotating homes.
Sunset Plus groups prepare recipes from various food magazines or other sources. Contact Nancy Ulrich, 758-6570, or Karen Russell, 753-2055.
Health-Focused Lunch members prepare recipes with focus on healthy living. Contact Kalli Louis, 916-652-8910.

  • Lunch-OUT Groups

Dining at a wide variety of restaurants.
Ethnic Eateries members choose a wide variety of ethnic food restaurants in the region for monthly lunches. Contact Judy Cunningham, 756-3490.
Dejeuner Lunch and Lovely Lunch Ladies meet for lunch in local restaurants. Contact Dianne Uchida, 756-0939.
Vegetarian Lunch members usually dine in restaurants; occasionally have potlucks. Contact Nancy Schrott, 440-382-3227.

  • Movies

Two groups go out to see movies and then discuss them afterwards at happy hour.
First Tuesday, contact Mary Bayless, 231-5088.
Second Tuesday, contact Sandy Filby, 756-8524.

  • Photography Groups

Two Photography groups meet mid afternoon to share their love of photography while learning new techniques from one another, being creative, having guest speakers and seasonal field trips.
First Monday group:
 Contact Linda Ziskind, 297-1942
Third Monday group: Contact Maryellen Bauer, 753-2786.

  • Quilting

All levels are welcome to work on own projects for 3 – 4 hours. Contact Mary Fish, 757-7939.

  • Resources

This group meets on the second Friday of the month at 10:00 a.m. to share information on products, professional services, restaurants, etc., that may be useful to the general membership. Contact Margy Spencer, 758-1655.

  • Sketchbook

For anyone who likes to draw—either novices or those with experience—this group meets at various indoor and outdoor locations in Davis on second Tuesdays. Contact Judy Capurro, 231-5859.

  • Skiing

This group is active approximately December through March, via email and phone. Meeting held at the beginning of the ski season, to generate list of members for downhill and cross-country skiing. Members develop ski buddies to share driving and coordinate trips.Contact Charlene Sailer, 758-6689.

  • Stitchery

Beginners and skilled needleworkers are invited to join the group on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. Contact Silvia Hillyer, 219-3355.

  • Travel Groups

These two groups each meet every other month on alternating months.
Taste for Travel group meets for lunch at restaurants to discuss travel destinations and tips. Contact Laurie Friedman, 758-9668.
Travel Symposium goes more in-depth and may have speakers, presentations, etc. Meets at University Retirement Community. Contact Loran Hoffmann, 707-678-5755.

  • University Connections (UConnect)

UFC’s only e-group, connecting via email to share UC Davis’s free- and low-cost lectures, music, art, and events. A calendar of UC events is listed  in the Members Only section here. Contact Robbie Fanning (

  • Walking Groups

Several walking groups meet at different days and times.
South Davis, contact Karen Broido, 753-5546 or Mahvash Ghorbanzadeh, 848-1044.
Woodland, contact Ruth White, 559-393-9814.

  • WASH—Women Aging with Spirit and Heart

This group meets the fourth Monday to discuss common issues that occur as we get older, in a supportive, informative, and nurturing environment. Contact Linda Ziskind, 297-1942.

  • Wine Tasting

Several lively wine groups meet in members’ homes to sample and discuss various wines. Spouses welcome.

  • Writers’ Group—Scribblers

Depending on the interests of the group, members write with a variety of styles; share works. Contact Valerie Dolphin, 609-502-9508.

  • Yoga

Kamala Paul, senior instructor with Kali Ray TriYoga International, teaches TriYoga, offering restorative and modified postures for all levels. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Fee for 8-week session, payable in advance. Contact Kay Ross, 756-5573.

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